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Yibaneh [It Shall be Built]!:
The Story of Danny Beit Hamikdash,
a Fighter for the Freedom of Israel

by Ezra Yakhin
Below is an excerpt from the last page of the book

When people greet me with the word Shalom, I have difficulty in replying "Shalom." What kind of peace is this, if we have fought so much for this land, and most of it is still captive in the hands of non-Jews? No! We did not fight for peace in threatening borders that drip blood. Peace is impossible and shall not be established as long as the Mount that soars above all peaks, the Temple Mount, is beyond the territory of the Jews.

"The Temple Mount," I am accustomed to respond to those who greet me. First the Temple Mount. If we build the Temple - peace will be established. Since then, all my comrades have learned to greet me with the greeting of the Temple Mount. Everyone knows what my name is. Not Zevi, not Danny, not Danny the Elder, but "Danny Har Habayit [the Temple Mount]." This is my name. [...]

The Six Day War came. The proclamation by the commander of the Paratroop Brigade, "The Temple Mount is in our hands!" came. I ascended the Mount with the greatest of the poets, Uri Zvi Greenberg, and with the pillar of fire that goes before the camp - [Dr. Israel] Eldad. The sight is not inviting. The Temple Mount is in our hands, but our hands are not engaged in its redemption. More is lacking than exists. Uri Zvi Greenberg turned to me and said: "You said all the time, 'The Temple Mount,' and now we are here. Say from now on, 'The Temple!'"

Since then, everyone knows not to greet me with "Shalom." Nor do they great me any more with "The Temple Mount."
"The Temple" - this is the greeting-desire.
"It shall be built!" - this is the response.
"The Temple" - this is the prayer.
"It shall be built!" - this is peace.