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Parshat Va'ayrah

by Dr. Israel Eldad

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"The name 'Pharaoh' in the language of the Egyptians means 'the great the name to the Egyptian ruler, it's not by chance that the Bible chose this over all the others. For is it not the 'great houses' that remain almost theonly value, the only evidence from this culture of four thousand years?

When you mention Greece, you mention art, philosophy. When you mention Rome, you mention state, justice, empire. And when you mention Egypt, you mention That was Pharaoh and that's what's left of him. They all built, they all wanted to build bigger and fancier than their predecessors, even if only end it all goes back to the incredible amount of working hands. All of the other Peoples were slaves, too. Many wars were waged by Egypt only to keep in its control Lebanon, the main source of wood that covered the great the great houses. And this is the way it was built, and this is the fate of all great houses that are not holy houses. And so this repetitive concept is it happened to be. 'The great house.' "

Contemplations of the Bible, Tel Aviv, 1986

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