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Dov Gruner
Hero of Israel
The following is the final letter of Irgun soldier Dov Gruner to Menachem Begin:

The only way that seems, to my mind, to be right, is the way of the Irgun Zvai Leumi, the way of courage and daring without renouncing a single inch of our homeland. When political negotiations prove futile, one must be prepared to fight for our homeland and our freedom. Without them, our very existence of our nation is jeopardized, as we must fight with all possible means. This is the only way left to our people in their hour of decision: to stand on our rights, to be ready to fight, even if for some of us this way leads to the gallows. For it is a law of history that only with blood shall a nation be redeemed.

Dov Gruner was hung by the British on April 16, 1947.