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Abba Ahimeir

The Great Shofar Blast
by Abba Ahimeir

Abba Ahimeir : A Brief Biography

Abba Ahimeir (Abba Shaul Geisinovich) was one of the early leaders of the Zionist Revisionists. He was an ideologist of the Revisionist movement's most radical wing, a politician and a talented publicist. He was born in 1898 in the village of Dolgoein Soligorsk region of Byelorussia. In 1928, when he lived in the British Mandate, Abba Ahimeir joined Zionists-Revisionists and became a supporter of active resistance to British Mandate authorities. In 1935 he was arrested and imprisoned for organizing the illegal "Rebels Union" (Brit-HaBirionim). Abba Ahimeir's views significantly influenced the shaping of the ideology of the Irgun and the LEHI undergrounds. He died in 1962.