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From a poem distributed by the Committee for a Jewish Army, circa 1942.

Son of Warriors

This is a son of warriors, of the Maccabees
Of David, of deep-thewed Samson, G-d given Gideon
No banker this, no Doctor of German philosophy;
This is the Fighting Jew -- the dark tense face,
Fierce and aware, lonely, waiting and watching
No banners here, no parades in front of the mayor
With flowers and politicians, no silly boasting
But the Eagles look, that once from the Walls of Jerusalem
Fell like an arrow into the Roman Legions.

The Committee for a Jewish Army was lead by Hillel Kook (who used the pseudonym Peter Bergson), Eri Jabotinsky (Ze'ev Jabotinsky's son) and screenwriter & playwright Ben Hecht (author of the book Perfidy ).