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Salute to the Heroic Dead
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Menachem Begin on
German Reparations

Menachem Begin -- January 7, 1952

In Zion Square to fifteen thousand Jews, I said: "Go surround the Knesset, as in Rome."  When the Roman procurator wanted to set up an idol in the Holy Temple, the Jews came from all corners of the country, surrounding the building and said, "Over our dead bodies!" 

And to the Knesset I say: There are things in life worse than death! This is one of them! For this we will give our lives! We will leave our families. We will say goodbye to our children, but there will be no negotiations with Germany! I know that you have the power. You have the prisons, the concentration camps, an army, a police force, detectives, artillery, machine guns. It makes no difference! On this matter all this force will shatter like glass against rock! I know that you will drag me off to a concentration camp. Today you have arrested hundreds. Perhaps you will arrest thousands. We will sit together with them. If necessary we will die together with them but there will be no reparations from Germany!