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Shabtai Ben-Dov


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Shabtai Ben-Dov
LEHI soldier and contributor to Dr. Eldad's Sulam journal.
It is only natural and necessary, that in our circumstances the revolutionary effort will not be able to avoid a measure of tension - a tension of educational, political, antithetical, zealous struggle. It will not be the laws of the State themselves that determine for us what we may and may not do in our revolutionary struggle against the State, but rather the Torah of Israel and the consciousness of national responsibility which devolves on us. This will determine the extent and to what degree we acquiesce to them in our practical struggle. [W]e must not rebel against the regime as against an enemy, but should rather remove and redeem the people from its grasp through education, political development and the kind of action undertaken by Samuel and David against Saul's kingdom.
(Excerpt from "The Redemption of Israel in the Crisis of the State")

The crisis is too profound to be solved by an inadvertent shock, even a revolutionary and mighty one. I can be resolved only through protracted spiritual-revolutionary development. It therefore appears that if Jerusalem, the City of David, seemingly by chance, it will be nothing more than a vehicle leading to a lengthy process of crises, rooted in the existing crisis and the whole entanglement of still-unresolved Zionist complexes.
(Excerpt from "The Redemption of Israel in the Crisis of the State")

As for the official State of Israel, the mosques on the Temple Mount, the stinking markets where the Hasmonean Palace once stood, and all the like, represent no humiliation at all, but rather a decorative mantle of antiquities and a nice tourist attraction; the State of Israel has nothing to do with the destinies and Temples, and believes it only convenient that it be left alone in the stagnation it finds ideal.
(Written after Ben-Dov's 1967 Supreme Court case regarding Muslim control of the Temple Mount)

Even when the rumor that the "last mosque" (Al Aksa) had been torched in order to give way to the Temple, nothing out of the ordinary happened, either in the Muslim world or among the Muslims in Jerusalem itself. Even if it really transpired, and we had taken away the Temple Mount mosques and replaced them with the Temple, there would have been no practical background for the Islamic world to have aroused itself to launch any kind of jihad, to storm us seriously, or even harm us in some other manner much more efficient and significant than that with which it tries to hurt us anyway. It therefore seems that even if we were to rise up and carry out this "terrible act," which so shocks our public today, nothing would really happen to us here, and the Muslim world would quickly adjust to the new situation.
(Written after the 1968 incident where an Australian tourist attempted to set Al Aksa mosque on fire.)

Shabtai Ben-Dov is the author of:
The Redemption of Israel in the Crisis of the State
Prophecy and Tradition in Redemption
After the Six Day War: From the Six Day Victory On