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Rabbi Moshe Tsvi Segal

What is Judaism Without the Temple Mount?

by R. Moshe Tsvi Segal

Rebuilting the Temple & the Stages of Jewish History
by R. Moshe Tsvi Segal

The Shofar and the Wall
by R. Moshe Tsvi Segal

An Open Letter
by R. Moshe Tsvi Segal

Letter to David Ben Shimol
by R. Moshe Tsvi Segal

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The Land, the People & the Torah

Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Segal
(Excerpt from an essay in Tzfiya Three, 1988 Based on a 1980 speech given at the Livni Brit Milah)

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All nations should surrender to us, to the King of Israel, to the Messiah of the G-d of Jacob, and should be taught exclusively by us. They must desert their false beliefs and cultures, and the social systems dangerous for us, to leave this treacherous democracy, which causes Eretz Israel to be “Palestine” with an Arab majority, G-d forbid.

We have to do these things as a “legion of the King,” but unfortunately this knowledge has not yet penetrated all the ranks of the nation. Here sits the first group that has to fly this flag, the People of Israel, for the G-d of Israel, for the Torah of Israel, for Eretz Israe l, against the democracy which confuses the truth and justice, and against all the things imagined by the nations of the world.