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Michael Ashbel

Raise Up the Barricades
by M. Ashbel

by M. Ashbel



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Death Cell

by M. Ashbel

It has occurred to me that not once during the two days that I have been in the death cell, I thought about the fate that awaits me. Do you think that I have lost all feeling, that I do not realize what is ahead of me? But my calm is a result of psychological preparation throughout the years, of readiness to lay down my life for the homeland expressed in our children’s songs and the realities of life. Yes! I realize what awaits me, but I am certain that my death will bring this a step closer to success. It matters not! With our blood, our deaths and our sacrifices we will erect a free state for our people who will know how to live and will have something to live for.
Only by blood can a country be redeemed,
Only a country redeemed by blood
Is sanctified for its people with the sanctity of blood.
[From a poem by Uri Zvi Greenberg]
From a personal letter to a friend written by Michael Ashbel from his death cell in Acre prison.