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Yehoshua Yevin

The Fast of the Fifth
by Yehoshua Yevin

The Redemption
of Israel

by Yehoshua Yevin

The Histadrut State
by Yehoshua Yevin

Memories of Yair
(Avraham Stern)

by Yehoshua Yevin


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42 East Cityline Ave.
Suite 352
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Brief Biography:

Yehoshua Heshel Yevin

Yehoshua Heshel Yevin is perhaps best remembered as a so-called "Maximalist Revisionist" and was closely identified with his fellow cofounders of the Brit HaBirionim Uri Zvi Greenberg and Abba Ahimier. Yevin was born in Russia in 1891 and he served as a surgeon in the Russian Army during World War One. Yevin was active in Ahdut Ha-Avodah (Unity of Labor). Later Yevin turned to Revisionist Zionism and worked as a journalist. His writings often appeared in the Brit HaBirionim newspaper which he edited Hazit Ha-Am (People’s Front) and another newspaper called Doar Ha-Yom. Yevin was active with Brit HaBirionim and was imprisoned by the Birtish for four months for his involvement with the organization in 1934. He was also involved with the Brit HaBirionim struggle against the British Census. Yevin is also known as the author of the book Jerusalem Awaits . Later Yevin became a confidant of Avraham Stern. After Israel’s independence Yevin wrote for Sulam , the journal published by Dr. Israel Eldad and joined Mencahem Begin’s Herut Party. He died in 1970.