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Yehoshua Yevin

The Fast of the Fifth
by Yehoshua Yevin

The Redemption
of Israel

by Yehoshua Yevin

The Histadrut State

by Yehoshua Yevin

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Memories of Yair
(Avraham Stern)
by Dr. Yehoshua H. Yevin

No one who saw or heard him could fail to be deeply impressed by his personality. His manner of speaking was slow and introspective, as if he were lecturing to a large audience. But what was most striking was his intense seriousness, profound and unremitting. Meeting him or hearing him speak gave one the conviction that he meant every word he said. Coming from him the words “We are prepared to sacrifice ourselves!” left no doubt in one’s mind that he meant them at least as regards himself.

He was sitting opposite me but I could not see his face, only heard his voice saying “I shall reestablish the NILI and fight the British as they fought the Turks.” I asked him if he comprehended the difference between the two empires and the enormous danger he was inviting, explaining further: “We are filled with awe at the heroism manifested by the members of the NILI, but let us not forget that they were fighting the Turks, who were hated by all of the Jews throughout the world and were in a deadly conflict with England.” What you propose is to fight the British whom the Jews consider to be allies against Hitler. There will be those who will accuse you of helping Hitler. “You will be vilified, hated and scorned by the very people that you want to liberate.” He answered simply: “I know, but I will do it just the same.”

What could I say in the face of such boundless courage?