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  Dr. Israel Eldad

Principles for a Hebrew Liberation Movement
by Dr. Eldad

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Dr. Eldad & the Supreme Court of Israel
Selected Judgments

Biography: Dr. Israel Eldad
by Chaim Yerushalmi

The following is a short collection of excerpts from Dr. Israel Eldad's Op-Ed column from 1988.

Bagatz - A Supreme Court of Appeal for Zionism
Ha'aretz, January 21, 1988

If it is true that a constitution is introduced as a safeguard against dangers, I am ready to join the camp which demands a constitution for Israel; but on one condition, that we agree on the meaning and Israel and the dangers to its existence. For if there is a danger to Israel then it is first and foremost the danger of the elimination of Zionist and Jewish normativity of the state, the danger of the disintegration of its calling, the sense of its existence, the danger of its dissolution into individuals and rights which are made sacred according to an alien reality....And the Zionist interest -- the Judaization of the Land -- and the right of the citizen as and individual are to collide, we have to make sure that Zionism prevails in the name of the Zionist democracy...Israel has a court of appeal...but above this court, clearly, openly and assuredly there is another court -- a Zionist court of appeal.

Judea and Samaria on Our Shoulders or Palestine on Our Heads
Ha'aretz, February 24, 1988

The Arabs started the violence. We were on the defensive. We sincerely believed that we should conquer land by Keren Kayemet [the Jewish National Fund) and acquire it by labor, with no blood shed whatsoever...The Arab violence, terrorism, and wars are the Arab response even to the non-occupying, pacifist, humanitarian, kibbutz- sane Zionism. Those who see Kedumim and Ofra as occupied areas should not be surprised to have Ein Hod also seen as an occupied area -- all the more so because those evicted from Ein Hod are living and suffering.

Rebel and Play a Make Believe
Ha'aretz, May 12, 1988

It is very hard to understand what [Palestinian ] autonomy would
be?...The flags of the Palestinian victory would be flown sky high, in "our" areas, Nazareth and Um El Faham, too. An acting government would be established. The Palestinian anthems would be sung too. And what would you do about education there...when they will teach the Palestinian "Charter" as a constitution?

A Misplaced Analogy
Ha'aretz, May 26, 1988

There is more than cynicism in the fundamental position...of all the "intellectuals" -- ours and the worlds -- who defend [Dr. Mubarak] Awad in the name of freedom of the spirit and "research" (the study of nonviolence!). He is not violent, does not even preach killing. He only "calls" for rebelliousness, applauds the riots, "only" demands the eviction of the conqueror.... It is impossible...[both] to support nonviolence and to brag about the success of the rebellion. The very call for rebelliousness and the recognition of the PLO and its propositions are already violence per se.

A Poison from Dizengoff Square
Yediot Achronot, June 17, 1988

The Dizengoff Center is not just an urban center, but a psychological center as well. What has developed there for years,... in its coffee shops and theaters, is a cynical now-ness, a negation of all of the values of Zionism and, needless to say of Judaism.... No, it is not the Arab Molotov cocktails thrown there last week that threaten our existence. The spiritual Molotov cocktails which are thrown from this now-center are the danger, the decay, the emptiness -- these are the subjects worthy of psychiatrists' observation.