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by Yehuda Karni

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by Yehuda Karni

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by Yehuda Karni

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Chambers of Jerusalem
By Yehuda Karni

Chambers of Jerusalem,
gray and dusty.
By day darkness lies there,
and at night
no lights are kindled.

Like daughters of one family
they all dwell together,
like a flock of ewes
huddling together
out of fear.

Chambers of Jerusalem
lids on the mouths of caves.
They brought in all the secrets,
frozen solid
over all that was

It sometimes happens
that one small door
suddenly opens
and immediately shuts.
And nothing has changed.

Chambers of Jerusalem
made of clay they always seem to be
an altar
or a prayerstand.

If an old Yemenite
Were to appear there
In the evening,
he would have the visage
of a prophet
or a priest.