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Yehuda Karni

May Your Right Hand Wither
by Yehuda Karni

Chambers of Jerusalem
by Yehuda Karni

The Four of Them  
by Yehuda Karni

With the Stones of Jerusalem  
by Yehuda Karni



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Each Stone

by Yehuda Karni

Each stone in you gashes,
And goads;
And the cold that breaks out
Of your buildings,
Your heights scratched bare,
Rubble, or shafted tombs
Of shut-in caves,
Strikes me as searing flame.
I lie flat on rock, weakened in spirit,
And rise with lips cracked, my forehead marked,
As though I had clutched death's rock
And embraced hell
Among eternity's hills.
Each stone stabs like the Gehenna
In you, Jerusalem,
Yet why, when I rise from that inferno's hold
Do the heavens stand opened to me?