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Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Ra'ayon Betar
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky
A Jewish State Now
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky
The Song of the Prisoners
of Acre

by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

In Tel Chai in the Galil
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Shir HaDegel -
Anthem of the Flag

by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

The Iron Wall
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Warsaw Speech
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

The Jubilee: The Biblical Plan for Expanded Ownership
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

The Song of Betar  
by Ze’ev Jabotinsky

The East Bank of the Jordan
by Ze’ev Jabotinsky


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Anthem of Tel Chai

by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

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What are your sickles for?
Where is the crop, brothers?
For by the sown seeds
Will be built Tel Chai!
The name Tel Chai will be sanctified –
The symbol of plowing creating energy.
In your hands a shield and sword –
What are they for, brothers?
So they should rest in peace
All the builders of Tel Chai.
The name Tel Chai will soar high
The symbol of the strength of the Jew!
In front of you the book is open –
What is the song, brothers?
For the truth was planted in the ashes
Of the heroes of Tel Chai.
The name of Tel Chai will live forever –
The symbol of the Jewish spirit.
 Let us arm ourselves, body and soul
And let us arise, brothers.
To fight, to strive, to plant
And to build Tel Chai!
The name of Tel Chai is the symbol of a generation –
The symbol of work, strength and light!