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Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Ra'ayon Betar
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky
A Jewish State Now
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky
The Song of the Prisoners of Acre
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

The Song of Betar
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

In Tel Chai in the Galil
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Shir HaDegel - Anthem of the Flag
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

The Iron Wall
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Warsaw Speech
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

The Jubilee: The Biblical Plan for Expanded Ownership
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Anthem of Tel Chai
by Ze’ev Jabotinsky

The East Bank of the Jordan
by Ze’ev Jabotinsky


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by Ze'ev Jabotinsky (selected excerpts)
Jabotinsky . . . .
One day, he was present at a festival at the temple of Gaza. Outside in the sq uare a multitude of young men  and girls were gathered for the festive dances... A beardless priest led the dances. He stood on the top most step of the temple, holding an ivory baton in his hand. When the music began the vast concourse stood  immobile.... The beardless priest turned pale and seemed to submerge his eyes in those  of the dancers, which were fixed responsively on his. He grew paler and paler; all the repressed fervor of the crowd seemed to concentrate within his breast till it threatened to choke him. Samson felt the blood stream to his heart; he himself would have choked ifthe suspense had lasted a few moments longer. Suddenly, with a rapid, almost inconspicuous movement, the priest raised his baton, and all the white figures in the square sank down on the left knee and threw the right arm towards heaven --a single movement, a single, abrupt, murmurous harmony. The tens of thousands of onlookers gave utterance to a moaning sigh. Samson staggered; there was blood on his lips, so tightly had he pressed them together... Samson left the place profoundly thoughtful. He could not have given words to his thought, but he had a feeling that here, in this spectacle of thousands obeying a single will, he had caught a glimpse of the great secret of politically minded peoples.
(U.S. edition, entitled Prelude to Delilah -- the following excerpt is from pages 200-201.)

"Shall I give our people a message from you?" Samson thought for a while, and then said slowly: "The first word is iron. They must get iron. They must give everything they have for iron – their silver and wheat, oil and wine and flocks, even their wives and daughters. All for iron! There is nothing in the world more valuable than iron."

He came to the people, erect as an oak, His voice rolled like thunder, And forward he led us, and further, and on saying: Homeland - whatever the price. He sang of a feast in a liberation land In a land filled with light,of our own, for all times and to him dooms-day turned into glorious hope.Though the song on his lips halted before time... but the nation will sing in his stead Your voice was as water for the parched and without it-the thirst of the soul is not quenched A giant hammer had fallen from the heaven, but in its stead ten thousands more will rise, and hack away at stumbling blocks encountered But - as G-d be my witness - your song will ring to the last refrain. Esto leader, rest and do not fret: The time is yet to come, and we shall hail it, when tens of thousands sing and march along,as banners wave and joyous song abounds. That day - from Beersheva up to Dan,The people will recall its savior great and to its greetings all the hills shall sound and the valleys tool and Zion's daughters, with a song as free as nature's own. shall gather round your grave and dance till dawn.