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Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Ra'ayon Betar
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky
A Jewish State Now
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky
The Song of the Prisoners of Acre
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

In Tel Chai in the Galil
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Shir HaDegel - Anthem of the Flag
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

The Iron Wall
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Warsaw Speech
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

The Jubilee: The Biblical Plan for Expanded Ownership
by Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Anthem of Tel Chai
by Ze’ev Jabotinsky

The East Bank of the Jordan
by Ze’ev Jabotinsky


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The Song Of Betar

by Ze'ev JabotinskyJabotinsky . . . .


From the pit of decay and dust
Through blood and sweat
A generation will arise to us,
Proud generous and fierce.
Captured Betar
Yodefet and Masada
Will arise in strength and majesty.

Hadar -
A Jew even in poverty is a prince
Though a slave or a tramp.
You were created the son of a king,
Crowned with David's crown,
The crown of pride and strife.

Tagar -
Despite every besieger and enemy
Whether you rise or fall
With the torch of revolt
Carry a fire to kindle: "No matter."
Because silence is filth
Give up blood and soul
For the sake of the hidden beauty
To die or conquer the mount.

Yodefet, Masada, Betar