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The Legend of Yaacov Raz
by Uri Zvi Greenberg

Zion-at-war, command thy troops: Stand
As soldiers stand, with clenched lips; Do not mar
This memorial to a soldier outstanding -
I am in Poland but sing from afar:
A body was buried in the land of David our King
Yaacov Raz the avenger, torn to shreds.
No marble obelisk marks his Mount of Olives grave
No daughters of Jerusalem lay flowers at his bed.
Not into brave-nation’s-earth, but into gray mud
Sank the body of the avenger Yaacov Raz
That body which had been pierced and pierced
By the spears of Arabs.
- How is this pierced body different
Than others, Arabs in Zion have torn
Yet of him, rebels will sing
While others, mourners will mourn.
Early that morning rose Yaacov Raz, imbued
With revenge, the mission that sanctifies;
He wrapped himself therein, as in a shroud,
But gave no parting kisses and said no good-byes.
Does anyone know how his face shone in the Jerusalem dawn?
I know, I know his face, for I shine in its light
He was sent forth from Lachish and Betar
A single man, enemies felled by his might.
So once walked, in the early hours of Jerusalem
His brother and comrade, Yochanan,
His shawl heaving with retribution
As clouds with thunder and lightning within.
Surrounded by the enemy’s carnivorous beaksloading . . . .
He was, among hundreds of thousands, the lone
Among demeaned Jews, among Jewish slaves
The lone hero and most beautiful person.
As the attackers circled and pierced him through
Taking their meals or stretched out in bed,
The Jews of Zion, the listless Jews,
Did not know whose body fell dead.
Yet these others will pass, into their graves
The wise and the fool, alike will die.
Like animals who’ve gorged themselves
Their memory too will rot where they lie.
God eyed him as he was surrounded
And Jerusalem eyed the son it had sired;
God and Jerusalem kept silent their secret,
As their son fell, all blood and fire.
Since the day the avenger Yaacov Raz did die
And was buried, his wounds still glistening
I see him striding the streets of the city of David
Peering up alleys, and at doorways listening.
I sing this song in his honor and tell his story
For no marble monuments await such as he
Yet in the robes of the Redeemer, who will come in glory
Will the name Yaacov Raz, Avenger, be woven for all to see.
And as all blood will be avenged, so will his blood be.

(translated by Zev Golan, in memory of Rabbi Hillel Lieberman)